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I, Clausewitz : A Would-be Conqueror's Diary

Neither holy nor Roman nor an Emperor

Tiberius Clausewitz Drusus Nero Germanicus
I'm honestly surprised that you're interested to read this far. The contents of this bio page, as is to be expected, is nowhere near as interesting as the journal's front page itself, so I advise you to hurry off there as fast as you can.

On the other hand, perhaps you prefer to browse through my little collection of entries on the subject of political and military worldbuilding? Then feel free to do so.

Perhaps you've noticed that I haven't talked much about myself here. Well, to be frank, I'm not all that interesting--yet. I'm an amateur military historian, an aspiring writer, and a megalomaniac who dreams of world conquest. Now, there. Take a closer look at the italicized words.

About friending policy: I don't mind people friending me. I don't automatically friend back, but if you'd like me to do so then feel free to drop a comment along those lines--preferably with some explanation of why you find my journal interesting.

And no Frienditto, please.