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medieval merchant
Remember Azisa, the comic artist for whom I made the set of couple tunics and hoods a few years ago? Last year she asked me if I could make a Red Riding Hood cape, but with sleeve-like wings rather than just slits for the arms. To make a long story short, I finished it early this year but she didn't get the chance to wear and feature it in public until Popcon Asia 2012 came up last week.

The same event also gave me the first opportunity to wear my new tunic and hood -- quite a dramatic improvement over the green tunic I originally made in 2009 or so.

medieval merchant

OK, not quite as good (yet) as the ones made by a certain professional. But I'm afraid it's a better buttonhole than anything I can find on my store-bought clothes--and even some of the tailored ones.
9th-Sep-2011 08:54 pm - A pair of summer whites
17th-century merchant
Here in Indonesia, there's a tradition to celebrate the end of Ramadan by buying new clothes. Well, rather than buying one, I made a new piece of clothing. The story goes that I've been unable to find the kind of trousers I want in stores since I have . . . well, athletic legs; the trousers that fit well in the legs are always too large and low in the waist, while the ones in my waist size are too skinny and constricting in the legs. So, with more than a little help from various people, I learned to draft a pair of modern trousers that fits the way I want it to: with a decently high waist (albeit at the position I'd call a "normal" rather than "high" waist for trousers, i.e. at the navel rather than anywhere below it), rather slim but not skinny in the legs, and hemmed at right about ankle-height so that I wouldn't have to roll the legs up to keep them off the floor when I take off my shoes -- a fairly important issue since I spend a great deal of time going barefoot.

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9th-Sep-2011 09:47 am - Cap, Newsboy, Mk. II (Camouflage)
medieval merchant
Did some minor edits to the posts on medieval infantry and darts, in one case to insert I link I forgot to include and in the other to incorporate a little bit of new information. More importantly, perhaps, I finally got a picture of the latest newsboy cap I made, this time in a pixellated/digital camouflage pattern.

20th-Feb-2011 05:06 pm - Cap, Newsboy, Mk. II
17th-century merchant
As I've said before, I ended up developing my own larger, fuller crown pattern for newsboy caps, and now I have pictures of the results in an actual working fabric (rather than a mere muslin).

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28th-Jan-2011 07:18 pm - Cap, Newsboy, Mk II Prototype
medieval merchant
Well, well. Some people are already asking if I'd make newsboy caps for them. I could simply have made copies of The Cap, of course, but the anal-creative side in me railed against the idea of selling something that's still partially based on someone else's pattern (in this case, the crown was a modification of a free beret pattern from the Martha Stewart website). So I spent most of last night drafting a new crown pattern that's wider, puffier, and made of eight rather than ten pieces for even more volume. The results are rather encouraging--I'm already beginning to see hints of the classic Gatsby/Oliver Twist style in this trial piece even though I'm not yet using the thicker, stiffer materials that I'd eventually want to put into the final version.

23rd-Jan-2011 05:05 pm - Newsboy cap goodness
17th-century merchant

It’s a newsboy cap. And I sewed it up by hand, down to the topstitching that gave the peak and the “chinstrap” their shape. Oh, and the covered buttons too.

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medieval merchant
I mentioned yesterday that I took pictures of the dress, didn't I? Odd to see how it feels like it's been a week or something like that. Anyway, here are the pictures I promised, since the connection is back to a speed where I can upload them within a reasonable timeframe:

Oh well. Maybe I should have pinned part of my hair back so that it wouldn't make my neck look shorter than it really is. I could lose the habit of lifting my chin whenever people try to photograph me from the front, too.

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6th-Jun-2010 08:24 pm - The newest tunics
I got bored of waiting for the front view to be processed and sent, so here's a picture of the latest two tunics I did.

The photomanipulation is done by Azisa, the girl on the left of the picture--who just happens to be a comic artist. Convenient, eh? Visit her DeviantArt site for more of her work. If you want more information on the tunics instead, just pester me.
27th-Apr-2010 10:56 pm - Green tunic!
medieval merchant
I missed writer's chat yesterday because I caught I rather bad cold and decided to sleep early so that I'd be able to get more bed rest than usual without having to wake up past midday or something like that. On the good side, I got the chance to take pictures of the newer tunics as well as better shots of the old one, including this one:

The contrast between the wide skirt of the tunic and the slim line of the legs in tights (since they're not quite 100% kosher medieval hose)--rather unusual (I think) in a modern male outfit--makes me feel as if I lost my way to the Bayeux Tapestry some way up the road....
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